Like any other child growing up, Raney had the typical career dreams: going to the NBA, playing on the U.S. Men’s National Soccer team, or getting drafted to the MLB. However, one atypical career dream rooted itself deeper for the seven year old, musician. Once Raney realized that music could be curtailed into a career, there was no denying, passing, or burying this dream. It was real and it was passionate. The journey began.

When his grandfather’s church needed a drummer for its musical staff, Raney watched as drummer after drummer auditioned. As the day’s auditions proceeded, drummer after drummer was excused. With a look of frustration and exhaustion, Raney’s grandfather, the Pastor, shut down the auditions. Raney’s grandfather and father discussed what they would do to complete the musician staff. Pulling on his grandfather’s coat, Raney begged for a shot at the audition. Once reluctantly granted, seated on the edge of the drum throne and foot barely touching the pedal, Raney began to play. While initially he wasn’t taken seriously, the passion and natural talent was undeniable. One simple promise needed to be made for the job to be his, study your craft. His parents thought he would take traditional lessons and give it up in a month or so, this was not the case.

After choosing the piano as his primary instrument at 12 years old, Raney continued to study the craft of musicianship throughout high school as the drum section leader and featured accompanist for the Talent Music program. Being introduced to rhythm and blues and hip-hop, Raney began developing a musical palette in the same manor as many musicians before him. Gospel, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and jazz occupy Raney’s musical palette for melody, rhythm, and message. Studying Music Industry Studies at Loyola University New Orleans, Raney looked to pair an industry education with his traditional musical training and cultured upbringing. That education would be furthered beyond graduation by an industry veteran.

Joining Fresh Music Group in 2014, Raney brought his talents as a musician first. Label CEO and head producer, Lovell “U-P” Cooper saw Raney’s potential as a producer and artist. Studying under U-P for what equates to another four years of college, Raney is a bolstered asset of the FMG family. Under the FMG umbrella, Raney made his artist debut in the summer of 2018 with two singles: R&B crooner “Lovestruck” and cocky hip-hop offering “The Man”. No matter the genre or venue, Raney’s target is great music. Being a student of the craft is a never ending journey. As a musician, producer, songwriter, and artist, the journey continues.

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